“What’s the use of running fast
if you’re not on the right road?”

Imagine if your organization could sustain profitability, enhance communication, strengthen customer relationships, increase productivity, and develop an environment that encourages collaboration and problem solving.

Partnering for Performance works with owners of small/medium size businesses, independent professionals, and c-level executives to provide clarity around issues concerning business planning, implementation and growth through business coaching, management consulting, and mentoring.

How can PFP help you or your organization?

  • As a business mentor, serving as your backstage resource: a sounding board for plans, providing ideas and techniques for implementation; applying the coaching process when needed.
  • As a management consultant, serving as devil’s advocate on key moves providing objective reviews of processes.
  • Recommending adjustments to optimize systems and procedures.
  • As a business coach, recommending appropriate personnel changes, and attending predetermined work meetings to evaluate the effectiveness of critical elements.
  • Assisting with the development and implementation of company goals and objectives, providing tools and techniques for the accomplishment of said goals/objectives.

Our Business Development Services Include:

Business Coaching, Mentoring, and Facilitation
Strategic and Business Planning
Organizational Design
Management Development
Board Development

Jacquie personifies the professional business coach, mentor,  and consultant.
She is a consummate reflective listener and nurturer, bringing out the best in others and getting to the heart of business and industry concerns. Once the issues are on the table, Jacqueline draws on considerable experience and wisdom to create a clear plan for change.  She then is willing to work with you every step of the way.  Character, skill and commitment – what more could you ask for?

—Stephen Dill, CEO Procure Point Global