You gave me my life back!  Now that I have a written plan and a well-organized, growing business, I can finally do the things that are needed to spend more time with my family.

—CEO, Communications Company

Jacquie is the most intuitive person I have ever met.  She has a natural ability to move groups and individuals through a process honoring each and every person.  She’s a magnificent communicator, incredible listener, highly organized, and prepared, but in the same vein very flexible to our needs.  She held us accountable and was able to help us problem-solve and set realistic goals.

—Dr. Robin Feltoon, Holly Tree Dental

Without Jacquie’s coaching, I would not have been able to get past my own roadblocks and would not have seen my company grow and prosper.  She helped me see how to move forward with the RIGHT initiatives.

—Small Business Owner

Jacquie never gave up on me.  Every time we met I was the one putting up walls and saying the “but” word.  Her perseverance with me made me look at the mistakes I was making and forced me to look at reality and answer some pretty tough questions.  I can’t say enough about her skills and compassion.

—Small Business Owner

Jacquie listened to our issues, asked all the right questions, and in the process help us see what we really needed.  She then set about designing an implementation process and a program that met our needs perfectly!  Jacquie provided an outstanding workshop/seminar and also provided us with a much-needed diagnostic in a high-profile area of our organization, and worked with the group to define roles and set appropriate goals.

—Managing Director, Large Financial Firm

We found Jacquie excellent to work with – she was able to tailor her “tools” to fit our exact needs and provided follow-up sessions that helped to reinforce the learnings, and create action plans for implementing those learnings.

—Schneider Automation

Jacquie has a great feel for customer service.  She was able to translate practical knowledge into an approach that worked exceptionally well.  For example, these was considerable resistance stemming from some deep frustrations the participants were experiencing with a conversion to a new financial system that made it impossible for them to help their customers.  She immediately shifted gears and was able to teach customer service techniques that were more relevant to the situation while skillfully weaving the original thoughts into the discussion.  It was clear that the participants left her session(s) not only with some practical tools, but a sense of empowerment, a sense that they could spearhead an effort to fix the faulty new system.

—Boston Management Consortium

Jacquie provided a superb service to us in her presentation of Communication Skills and some Project Management Tools that helped us refine not only our interaction with our customers, but also among ourselves.  Everything was well-managed and Jacquie was extremely well-prepared.

—University Information Systems, Harvard University